• Time For Great Change

    The tieds are turning : may brings great change and transformation. For those who have been waiting for life improvements expect this . It may seem unlikely and nothing the case of change. From September indicates improvements for the future .

  • The Tarot & You

    The Mague , we have the ability  to create magical moments# even in negative situations like this# so many becoming I’ll # healing make it happen spread the word of only magical words # The Adjustment card tarot# well it looks like many Libra signs or those with rising sign are heading for plenty# we can only say happy times ahead ,think about going for gold ,house move job change ,weddings # The Empress # Tarot Reading # Out in the garden is a good start# trip to the countryside# are thinking of moving # go for it ,babies,  or a new pet name thing # weddings and party time # If sent to make a difference right now think healing think light think and feel love ,dont join the drama # because if you do well that’s what your going to get more of #
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  • Time For Love

    With The 9 Of Swords showing up,so many of you are feeling lost and confused . LOVE CAN BE AN EASY PATH WHEN YOU ARE READY TO LOVE YOU .

    Time to heal time to let go of the past and hurt which as been creating pain .

  • The TAROT For the Coming Week

    Being constructive can work for many emotionally you are ready if you are all earth signs ,what can we expect for water signs: your success lies in making a good foundations to all you attempt. Fire signs ,As you have strong ideals ,some forms of charity work could appeal. Aquarius, Gemini ,Libra,The natural diplomat and work best with others rather than alone .