• Five coins

    The five of coins as shown up for this week what is the message behind the card its very simple all aspects of your life may feel out of balance and open to worry ,stress,and insecurity.The more you find yourself worrying the more you will not beable to clear your path of uncertainty. ASK yourself is there hope where there is love yes of course there is.If you are unemployed and have a dream then that in itself is a goal a start of something turning into reality. Is your health testing you right now if so put a little sprinkle of love where you feel the pain.Do you feel like your going to loss yout will to live then let go and allow god in to guid and over see your life * its good to give in and chill out.you may feel let down by family and friends perhaps exceptions as got the better of you. Give sometime to self healing see where it takes you ,you know time is a great healer.

  • The Queen of Swords

    The Queen Of Swords she is emotionally balanced woman or man. Nothing can fool her as she is wise from lifes experience. This individual as had many testing times to the point of exstream pain but she can find humor in most situations, no matter how hard times may seem to her.she is very switch on ,extremely intelligent.Analytical mind,logical with honext and direct with her thoughts. Often this character can be a doctor,director,writter,teacher or simply still searching for a new direction when it comes to the love of the heart .

  • The high power

    The high power is within all mankind send it out to the world.love is such a healing energy we all have inside.we can share and give to all even to the most important person ourselves. When was the last time you tuned into the healing within. Everyday you can strengthen your own soul. So look in the mirror and breath in the love .no need to look outside yourself just within .The ace of cups is a card you can hold onto and breath in the higher love received from your gods within.

  • The king of wands

    Talk about potential! Can you imagine that you are looking for new dream job of action and excellence this is the time you can now move forward. The king of wands is the best you can be. You can have your say about what you think of the most important things in your life look to the stars look forward not back as the past as no control over your thoughts. …..only the future gets you the results are you waiting for that moment of dreams coming true ?The king of wands is honest in business when you need the help or support, guidance.Where are you in your honesty?

  • The Hermit

    The Hermit;One stands alone in his own thoughts, running like a river never ending thought. Looking for knowledge can be soul searching and ever searching. What can we learn frome closing down from the outside world.
    Sitting on top of a mountain meditation can bring you answers in time of need.
    Looking into the soul of The Hermit takes you to levels which can be self empowering especially when you have an awaking of spritual enlightenment.The Hermit can be a lonley place when you you push away the thought of standing alone not wanting to be in your own comoany .We all can grow from being in your own company.

  • Wheel of Fortune

    So The wheel as turned up so what can we expect this week lots of ups and many opportunities if you dear to be you that means not allowing current situation pull you all over the place: Making sure the wheel guids you to where you really want to be in your heart desire. I love fate & Destiny all you need i faith and hope a dream to make it your reality.fate is gods will your will; destiny is the flick of the coin or can we say wheel of Fortune. Watch out for Leos; Taurus;Scorpios; Aquarius all these signs will empower you .

  • The Strength Card

    The card pulls you in and out of ups & downs of life no worries the answer is never ever give up on you .There is only you when it comes to living your life with truth.What are your truths at the moment? Do you feel close to your dreams ? Are you living the dream ? How’s your health are you looking and feeling well? How’s your moods do you feel balanced with lifestyle you created? For most of the human race this some of the check list that we continue to follow.The strength card is reflecting all the paths you can walk down.A path of healing.strength card comes in play when you allow the sunshine in your heart sets on fire .So dont hold back walk throw your fears walk throw and do what you nust do.

  • The lovers

    The lovers in a tarot spread can be interpreted in so many whys! Can it mean other meaning other than love one hundred percent yes.I Find it often means choices and making important decisions on love, family matters,career to what you want to wear.
    Sometimes receiving the lovers can often push you throw the door of choice between making family and work balance.Love can come knocking on the door too especially new love when your not looking.

  • Confusion

    How many times do you feel so out of  focus and what lead you there…..fear for one ,lack of love ,negative thoughts running in your head over to the point of confusion. Being scared is a natural progression when you find yourself trying to work out what is it that you really want from your life on earth. The thing is are you going to choose to live in fear or positive action….meaning dont give up on your dreams .you can always start small.small steps is what it takes