• Whatch Your Thoughts

    So many tell themselves nothing will ever change for them …..i guess its true if you choose to continue to do the same. When the chips are down you can choose to fly by being well in thought ,some of you may try praying and some of you will take a new direction in life .We can all choose to stay stuck or even live half walking half sleeping .what’s the best way to get to where you want to be ?Hope is a strong word , allows you the time to rethink your thoughts and heal your attitude.
    What can i offer you ?more than hope direction , clarity and self empowerment.

  • Losing Time

    wasted time on to many should have could didnt do!How many times are you going to go over the thing that holds you back ? For every moment you waist your time tbinking of i knew i should have let that thing go now my time is wasted . Its only wasted if you dont give up the grife the pain the blame. Its time to take back your power and make an effort to ensure that you can have beautiful day and life too .Take a look inside who loves you the most ? If you get i dont know its time you said my 1st love is my soul, my mind and body. You will start to see rapid change of positive feedback from your higher self called your soul .

  • Crystal Power Of Love !!!

    Are you still looking for your soul mate? Well look no further ……The power of crystal magic can attract the one for you.so what will you need to bring this on well The Heart Rose Meditation. Rose Quartz is highly recommended for healing the heart also brings love and peace especially if you are grieving or need to forgive someone or even yourself.

    Let’s begin  by laying down or sitting, make sure you are  at ease letting go of any tension……  play light music to create the mood have your rose quartz crystal in your hand .start by asking your heart to bring the image of someone you love or have loved ,that someone can start with the self,allow your heart to be filled with the feeling of joy. FEEL YOUR HEART CHAKRA. Visualize your soul mate in your heart allow your inner guidance to support the vision of what you may see and feel. This method will take daily practice and time to discover the healing and love within you.The more natural this practice feels it’s very likely you will start to attract what you are searching for within and your soul mate will flow into your life .

  • Eight of Coins

    Today card is a reminder : your world is how you see it ,feel it & live it when the eight of earth shows up for everyone in the world today we could all do with learning more life’s lessons love and kindness gets the heart open to receiving more of the good stuff in life. It brings new opportunities, new life into difficult situations.But being skilled at a craft goes along way especially when you are open to sharing and caring.Learning all there is to know is a life journey.For those who are seriously thinking about going back to school ,putting of today saving it all for tomorrow well you will only be blaming someone else as to why you didn’t take the time out to learn and grow in that new direction you so long for .The pathway you walk along is your own doing and it might seem as well be a good one.

    Eight is a powerful number to receive especially in  month of may ,as you can see or even feel there is considerable amount of time to reward yourself every moment you say yes I am willing to work on my life path and I will make time to do so .

  • Why yes to life? The fool card

    How many of you are caught up with nothing is going my way ? When was the last time you said yes to life and tnank you ? What is the most important thing to you right now ? How many times have you asked life to be there for you ? When were you last there for yourself? Do you sometime wonder why others appear to have it better than you or thats how you see it ? Do you feel lost in life ,trapped in a dead end job! Relationship or family problems along with health issues? Its a long list of problems and for some of you the list gets longer by the minute! !!! Well make up your mind and write a new chapter in your life ! Yes i am winning everyday in my life . I give thanks everyday to all that i am and receive. Its not always sunning! Life dose and always gives me the opportunity to let go and go with the flow,especially in my mind which i choose to plant beautiful creative vision of thank you.i choose not to take all what may seem like a black hole personally. Life a crystallizing waterfall the stillnesdof emotional detachment is natural and i am choosing not to overwhelmed by emotion .i choose peace,love, accept the feeling of contentment. Choose peace when your day is giving you greif .see the lesson in the struggle of pain ,choose to see the strength in your struggling world. When the fool turns up in a reading its telling let go and go with the flow.

  • Todays message from Angeles

    Creating abundance :when you need money one is best to increase your own energy levels & being positive with every thought processe puts you on a higher vibration to attract what you need and more.with manifestation  you will receive what you believe. Ask yourself what do you truly believe about money.what’s your true feelings about having money ?how dose it make you feel?

    Plant the seeds of success! !!