• Time To settle The Dust!

    Time to look back at your doing and see the benefits of your own life experience! The Fool Card is more than a gift full of promises. Someone you thought would not make an offer in business or personally is going to surprise you.

  • Time For A Change

    The star is and moon team up together and give you the opportunity for making your mark on matters which have been putting out of thoughts. Confusion isn’t always easy to work out, I always say don’t over think it especially when it comes to matters of your heart!

  • Tarot Card For The Week

    EIGHT OF Cups : Letting go moving on to new ways of just being you! You will be closing doors and opening new ones. This is a card that says don’t wast time on bad feelings and don’t try and force situations. Wait for the univers to show you the way forward!

  • Tarot Love Reading With Deep Psychic Insights.

    We all need love thats for sure! Am here to tell how to achieve this and its easy when you know how. Sometimes we go looking for love with the idea that it’s our way that counts. The list is like a shopping list and that’s not always the list that works in the way you thought it would.

    Life can be a lonely place too. The card of the week is the 2 of swords the message is life balance is very much on the cards. Close down those thoughts that are not currently available to give you what you need. Speak with words of love and only love!