Psychic Love Coach

Communication is the influence this next coming week!However ,too much talking can stop you thinking straight ,less is more # Aquamarine The crystal of divine purpose and speaking your truth gets you results# With moon stone glowing into your emotions much to be said about drinking water and dextrose your body from too much sugar will no boost boost your energies # The calming energies will also balance overreactions of your mind #very important to make time for meditation to get the results that you are seeking # Much fun for the creatives let your heart go and don’t allow your mind to overthink.Take time out right down the love story that you would like to see happen in your life it’s time to create a little bit of magic with these energies# The moon influence is on your side singles get ready !!!! Your Love Life is about to take a turn especially for those who have been sharing positive connections # if you’re still hurting from a past Relationship don’t worry ! Time is kind speak with no judgement have no expectations allow yourself to breath and open up your heart to forgiveness # Be gentle and kind with yourself as you would love a child or a pet # What’s your story are you talking about what you don’t want ? If so you won’t receive the Gift of ?I’ve just more pain . Do you feel impatient ! The Divine doesn’t really do anything under pressure only trust!

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